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Opportunities Info -Permintaan/ Demand
Created: 04 Feb 2016 12:04:14 Rated: Viewed: 1052 time(s)


We are a company based in Dubai that produce outfits for kids using “TULLES FABRIC”.
We used to buy the Tulles in Dubai that is made in Indonesia. Now the supplier stop selling same products made in Indonesia and he is selling made in China.
We would like to have your support to put us in contact with some trustful Manufacturers of Tulles Fabrics in Indonesia as we need to place big orders.
We tried to search online but we couldn’t find a direct contact of Manufacturers.
Your help is much appreciated to provide us some good contacts.
Factory name?
E-mail address?
Tel number?
Riad Awaida
Franchising Development  Director
Vera Strada
Specialist in Franchising
P.O.Box: 75282 Dubai-UAE
Mobile -UAE: +971 (0)50 5098757
-KSA: +966 533373779
-ITA: +39 346 9717393
Skype : riad.awaida
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